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ABIA 2017 National Designer of Dreams

ACC Catering announced as Australia’s top caterer.

On Tuesday the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day 2017, the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA) announced their National Designer of Dreams Awards for the most outstanding weddings suppliers over the past four years.

The ABIA conducts a series of awards each year to determine the best wedding suppliers in each mainland State. Combining the results of these State awards over 4 consecutive years, determines the Winners of the National Designer of Dreams Award. These awards are determined by the only entity qualified to do so; past brides, who have been through the process of organizing a wedding and have rated each of their wedding providers based on the quality of their product, quality of service, value for money and attitude of staff.

A total of 7,560 wedding suppliers were rated in one or more years by past brides across 41 wedding categories over the 4 years. Out of these a total of 564 businesses qualified for the prestigious Designer of Dreams award. The total number of past brides who determined the list of qualifiers for the 2012 ABIA Designer of Dreams Awards was 39,735; this was up from a total of 31,251 in 2011.

The Chairman of ABIA, Mr John O’ Meara stated that, recognition of excellence is a goal which every business aspires to achieve. Being proclaimed by ABIA as one of Australia’s Top wedding providers is the ultimate recognition for any wedding provider. It is a great honour for ACC Catering to achieve this recognition of excellence. Mr O’ Meara went onto say that it was business like ACC Catering which complimented and elevated the wedding industry with their attention to detail and the pride, passion and professional manner in which they delivered their wedding product to the customer.

The ABIA was founded in 1997 as a means of enabling past brides to evaluate the performance of their wedding providers based on ABIA’s four (4) Pillars of Perfection being; quality of product, quality of service, value for money and attitude of staff. The ratings provided by past brides enables future brides to confidently select their wedding providers, knowing that past brides have ranked, rated and evaluated their performance.

The Chairman of ABIA said that “a wedding is a one off day where every provider must perform to the maximum as there are no second chances to come back and rectify faults, everything must be perfect. He went onto say that approximately 13 providers are engaged by the bride to design and deliver her dream day, should any one of the 13 fail to deliver perfection, it can create a domino effect which compromises all other providers in the execution of their duty of care to the bride.

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