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Our team at ACC Catering is here to help you experience our high quality, premium items in a convenient, creative and affordable way. Let ACC organise our handcrafted menu to suit your needs for delivery or pick up. Choose from one of our pre designed menus, or lt us create a menu that accommodates both you and your guest’s requirements. All items will be delivered on time, fresh and ready to serve.

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Delivery Menu

Menu 1
Mini ciabatta roll filled with premium chicken mix and baby leaf
Mini olive ciabatta roll with roasted vegetables, hummus and spinach V
Sweet potato, spinach and goats cheese frittata with tomato relish V, GF
Vegetarian rice paper rolls with plum sauce V, GF
Rare roast beef on a corn fritter with spinach, tomato relish and balsamic onion
Smoked salmon florets on blinis pillows with a chive crème
Mini cheese scone filled with rocket, smoked trout and crème fraiche
Mini muffins with raspberry and white chocolate
8 pieces per person $23.00
Includes cocktail napkins and platters

Menu 2
Mini bagel with smoked ham, tomato and cheddar cheese with Dijon
Mini brioche roll with premium chicken mix and baby leaf
Peking duck rice paper rolls with plum dip GF
Cucumber and avocado sushi with Japanese dipping sauce V, GF
Smoked salmon roulade with a chive mayonnaise
Rare roast beef florets on potato rosti, horseradish crème and caramelised onion
Tomato and goats cheese bruschetta on a toasted baguette balsamic glaze V
Chefs’ selection of miniature cakes and tarts
10 pieces per person $28.00
Includes cocktail napkins and platters

Select your bread (please select 4)
Traditional white, wholemeal or multigrain square loaf
Gluten free square loaf
Multigrain mini rolls
New York bagels
Ciabatta mini rolls
Brioche mini rolls
Gluten free rolls
Tortilla wraps
Gluten free wraps
Select your fillings (please select 4)
Roast chicken mix with preserved lemon, dill and mayonnaise
Egg salad with baby leaf, mayonnaise and chives V
Smoked ham, roma tomato, cheddar cheese and dijon mayonnaise
Smoked salmon, cucumber, capers and crème cheese
Rare roast beef, horseradish crème, cheddar cheese, balsamic onions and rocket
Turkey, cranberry, avocado and mixed leaf
Roasted vegetables with hummus and spinach V
Fresh salad with avocado and cheddar cheese V
$25.00 Per Person

As an additional option to Sandwich Platters
Quinoa and pomegranate Tabouli with Roma tomato, red onion and mint V, GF
Sweet potato salsa with tomato, corn, red onion chilli and coriander V, GF
Creamy potato with bacon, spring onion, egg, mayonnaise and sour cream GF
Penne pasta with marinated vegetables, semi dried tomato and pesto V
Super food salad with sweet potato, broccoli, pomegranate and nuts V, GF
$9.00 Per Person

Additional items available
Fresh fruit platters $50.00
Gourmet cheese platters $90.00
Antipasto platters $140.00
Turkish bread and dip platters $55.00

Delivery charges apply for orders under $500 and outside local area.

Dietary Codes
V – Vegetarian, GF – Gluten free

Price includes all required kitchen and floor staff, equipment, napkins and GST

Please note that ACC Catering are able to tailor a menu to suit your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants to assist further 9555 4000

All menu items are handcrafted by our chefs

Contact one of our Function Coordinators to discuss your requirements, call 0436 390 788 or request a free quote now!