The Essentials

Jazz/Lounge Band

Take two parts Gershwin, two parts Cole Porter, add a dash of Tom Waits and a splash of Rhythm & Blues … shake, stir and …voila! You’ve got the Trio, a cool, refreshing cocktail with plenty of swing.

Five Piece explores its love of the all-time standards made famous by performers like Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Charles, and brings that love to the contemporary work of people such as Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Leonard Cohen and, um …Kiss.

The Essentials are made up of Richard Lewis on vocals and percussion, Bryan Karahasan on guitar and Andreas Albanis on double bass and a variety of other performers depending on your taste.

The three musicians (or five) perform as one well-oiled unit, diggin’ their way through the night (or afternoon).

Also available: theTrio+sax (just add the sultry sax of Peter Mitchell).







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