6 Work Christmas Party Rules To Follow


As the festive season approaches, so does a potentially perilous event – the work Christmas Party. We get it – Christmas parties are supposed to be fun events where you and your colleagues relax and let loose. But how loose is too loose?

Within 30 years in the catering industry, we have catered at hundreds of work Christmas events. We loved 99% of them. But we also have seen things that we would rather unsee. This year we decided to prepare a short guide with do’s and don’ts of work Christmas parties.


Don’t get drunk

We make great cocktails, so no surprise you want yet another mojito. But know your limits. Did the idea of climbing a table and dancing on it without knickers just flash through your mind? Stop drinking right now! Your dignity and professionalism are on stake.


Do indulge in the food

We know, we know. It’s hard to keep the kilos off in a sedentary job. But our Chef’s prepare delicious food for your Christmas party so this one night a year ‘don’t count calories’. Also, if you’re drinking, food will help absorb the alcohol.


Don’t jump your crush

Despite the relaxed atmosphere and a dose of liquid courage aka wine, the Christmas party is not your opportunity to jump on the new hot Columbian guy from the marketing department. Nor is the store room of a venue a place to start a hot romance with a colleague’s wife. You don’t want to be the one everyone’s whispering about the next day around the water cooler.


Do mingle & be merry

From our experience, the most boring, uptight parties are the ones where people only talk about work. Chat about your hobbies; your plans for the summer holidays. Approach the guy from a different department that you always bump into in the lift. Let your hair down, show your less serious side! NPS, KPI, CPC? OMG, no!


Do make a playlist before the Christmas Party

As much as we love ‘Last Christmas’, playing it on repeat can actually kill the festive spirit. Send an email to all the employees before the party and encourage everyone to choose their favourite songs. Better still instead of making your ‘I-DJ’ed-in-high-school-once’ colleague Steve responsible for the play list, hire a professional DJ. Steve won’t be happy….the crowd will!


Do be nice

You’re nice to your colleagues because….well, they are your colleagues, you will meet them the next day (also having HR policies and procedures might have something to do with it?). What about waitresses and bartenders? We are at your event to encourage you to eat, drink, mingle, dance, laugh out loud and be merry….what’s not to like about that.



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