In 2019 we could watch the growing popularity of meal kits companies, Sri Lankan restaurants started to pop out around the world and rum became trendy among the younger crowd. Are you curious what will be big in 2020? Before booking a catering company in Melbourne or heading to a restaurant check 10 food trends predictions from market analysts that we gathered.


1. Dishes from West Africa

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West African flavours are starting to pop up in the food industry. The most iconic combination? Tomatoes, onions and chilli peppers. Add

some peanuts, ginger, lemongrass and tamarind and you have a truly West African experience on your plate. To try the food from this region

in Melbourne, head to Nigerian restaurant Adonai in Carlton or any restaurant with a pan-African menu.


2. Sober nights

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In 2019 when you went to a pub but weren’t up for a boozy night, your only option was to have a soft drink (“Why are you not drinking?”)

or non-alcoholic beer. This will change in 2020 as more non-alcoholic options will be introduced at bars and liquor stores, Whole Foods

Market predicts. These beverages recreate classic alcoholic flavours using similar distilling methods. Think mojito with faux rum, gin and

faux tonic and none of the very real hangover next morning.


3. Open kitchen

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Open kitchens (kitchens that diners will be able to see at restaurants) are getting increasingly popular and you will see a lot of them in 2020. A

kitchen used to be a mysterious, sacred place where the magic was happening. But someone somewhere has discovered that guests enjoy

watching chefs working (think watching Master Chef’s episode, except that the food being cooked is yours). Guests also like to know how their

meals are prepared and where they are coming from.


4. Makgeolli

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Ever heard about makgeolli? It’s a Korean milky rice wine that will be all the rage next year. It’s made from rice (daaa), yeast and water and it

has semi-sweet flavour. Makgeolli used to be popular among farmers and the working class. It recently made its comeback among youths and

even K-pop stars.


5. Dietary options

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Menus in 2020 will continue becoming more inclusive for people with dietary restrictions. Of course, plant-based meals are seeing a huge spike.

But it’s not only vegans that will leave a party hungry less often. At ACC Catering we offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options in our

standard menu, but our chefs can adjust meals to any dietary restrictions.


6. Private dinners when travelling

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You go on holidays and you want to taste local food. A restaurant is, of course, the most obvious choice but in 2020 you might want to try

private dinners when travelling. Websites like The Dinner Party and Open Table were offering it already and recently Airbnb added to the trend

with its Cooking experiences. How does it work? You go to Mexico and book a spot at doña Maria’s table. You visit her house and together you

cook tacos following her family’s not so secret recipe. After mucho mas tacos, you have a siesta in her garden, sharing a story or two.


7. Food as a show

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In catering, the trend for 2020 is putting food in the limelight at an event and making it an activity in itself. Slowly events are not only about

food indulgence but also food entertainment – don’t be surprised if you will find a cooking class or a tour of a kitchen on your event’s agenda.


8. Cocktail party

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The cocktail style events are increasingly popular as they allow people to mingle (no danger of getting stuck at the table with someone you can’t

hold a conversation for longer than 3 minutes). Small portions that transport easily can be equally impressive, particularly when paired with

drinks that compliment them. We provided a lot of cocktail style paries in 2019 and it seems that they will be even more popular among

catering companies in Melbourne in 2020.


9. Zero waste

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Caring for the planet is not a fleeting trend but the answer to the serious climate change problems. Likely, you are already bringing a reusable

coffee mug to your local cafe or a canvas tote bag to a grocery store. More and more zero waste practices will be upheld by the food industry.

With less packaging, compostable bags and restaurants encouraging customers to bring their containers, the future looks slightly greener.


10. Exotic cocktails

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Get ready for some exotic cocktail flavours this year. No, a mojito is not considered exotic anymore. Prickly pear, dragon fruit and yuzu are.

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